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Launch Week 1

Our first launch week at Evidence focusses on business reviews, for which we've added features, a new guide and a template.

Today marks the end of our first launch week at Evidence. We're excited to share what we've been working on and what we're launching today.

Wait, Launch Week? Evidence already launched

Yes, fair point. Starting now we're going to be more explicitly launching themed bundles of features, guides, and content on a more regular basis.

The aim here is to deliver more concrete units of usable product to you, our users, rather than a drip feed of cool features.

We understand that making Evidence better serve use cases in businesses means more than just merging code to our main branch. To make something maximally usable Evidence needs:

What's the theme of this launch?

This launch is centred on business reviews. That is, the process that companies run to review their performance against their goals. We're starting here for two reasons:

What are we launching?

A Business Reviews Guide

New Annotation Components

Most business reviews involve comparing KPIs to targets. This is much easier to do when you can add visual elements such as target lines, zones and comparisons to your data.

We've released our first two annotation components to help you do this in Evidence: ReferenceLine and ReferenceArea.

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An Automated Business Review Template

Part of the key workflow when running a business review is having stakeholders add commentary to their data, as well as recording actions. This is poorly supported in most BI tools, but we've put together an example of how you can use AirTable to make it easy for business users to add their commentary to an automatically refreshing report.

Weekly Business Review Template: This template shows three core bits of functionality:

The source code is available here.

Other Excellent Content on Business Reviews

We also want to point to some other content and tools discussing business reviews that we've found helpful, or mentions Evidence: