Introducing Evidence

Evidence offers a modern development workflow for analysts and a polished user experience for decision-makers.

A Modern Development Workflow

Evidence enables analysts to build a trusted, version-controlled BI system by writing SQL and a superset of markdown.

Evidence compiles that code into a fast and reliable website. It tests the queries and keeps the site up-to-date with your data warehouse.

Evidence gives analysts the leverage that they expect from a modern data tool. It supports loops, conditionals, parameterized pages, CSS, tests and more.

A Polished User Experience

Look at the data products decision-makers choose when it’s up to them: FiveThirtyEight, The New York Times, The Economist, FT.

None of those products feel like today's BI tools. That's because it isn't possible to deliver both clarity and comprehensiveness by manually dragging-and-dropping charts onto a grid.

Businesses need comprehensiveness. So what do we get? Tricky dashboard filters, query builders, drill-down modals and pizza lunch-and-learns. These are sold as features, but they're really symptoms of an outdated workflow.

Evidence takes a different approach. Loops, conditionals, and parameterized pages allow analysts to generate vast amounts of simple, cohesive and well-organized content with just a small amount of code.

Evidence gives analysts leverage so that they can stop trading between clarity and comprehensiveness.